0 level

Attraction – Subject has an attraction you specify
Detect Psionics – You detect the presence of psionics
Deja Vu – Target repeats their last action
Distract – Target gets a -4 on Listen, Search, Sense Motive, and Spot checks.
Ghost Sound – Create a sound.
Float – You buoy yourself in water or other liquid
Missive – Send a one-way telepathic message to a target
Telempathic Projection – Alter a target’s mood
Precognition (Defensive) – Gain a +1 insight bonus to AC and Saving throws for turns equal to 1d4+psion level
Precognition (Offensive) – Gain a +2 insight bonus to attack rolls for turns equal to 1d4+psion level

1st level

Body Equilibrium – You can walk on nonsolid surfaces.
Cloud Mind – You erase knowledge of your presence from target’s mind.
Conceal Thoughts – You conceal your motives.
Inflict Pain – Telepathic stab gives your foe –4 on attack rolls
Precognition – Gain +2 insight bonus to one roll.
Charm – Makes one person your friend.
Mental Disruption – Daze creatures within 10 feet for 1 round.
Mindlink – You forge a limited mental bond with another creature.
Mind Thrust – Deal damage equal to 1d10+psion level
Scan – You learn details about any one creature.

2nd level

Aversion – Subject has aversion you specify.
Body Purification – Restore 1d4 points of ability damage.
Brain Lock – Subject cannot move or take any mental actions.
Clairvoyant Sense – See and hear a distant location.
Detect Intent (Hostile) – You can detect anything that means to harm you within 30 feet.
Object Reading – Learn details about an object’s previous owner.
Read Thoughts – Detect surface thoughts of creatures in range.
Suggestion – Compels subject to follow stated course of action

3rd level

Aura Sight – Reveals creatures, objects, or people of the selected alignment.
Crisis of Breath – Disrupt subject’s breathing.
Empathic Transfer – Your touch transfers your feeling to another.
Escape Detection – You become difficult to detect with telepathic powers.
False Sensory Input – Subject sees what isn’t there.
Fate Link – You link the fates of two targets.
Full Sight – You have all-around vision.
Mental Barrier – Gain +4 to any Will saves for 1d6 turns.

4th level

Correspond – Hold a mental conversation with another person at any distance.
Confuse – Confuse subject for turns equal to 1d6+wis
Dispel Psionics – Cancels psionic powers and effects beow or equal to your psion level.
Dominate – Control target telepathically.
Death Urge – Implants a self-destructive compulsion.
Eradicate Invisibility – Negate Invisibility in 50ft burst.
Modify Memory – Changes 5 minutes of subject’s memories.
Mind Trap Drain MP equal to 1d8+psion level from anyone who attacks you telepathically.
Remote Viewing – See, hear, and potentially interact with subjects at a distance.

5th level

Empatchic Feedback – When hit with a melee attack, your attacker takes half the damage dealt.
Leech Field – Drain MP each time you make a saving throw equal to 1d4+wis
Mind Leech – Drain MP from a target equal to 1d6+wis
Mind Probe – You discover the subject’s secret thoughts.
Psionic Resistance – Gain resistance to all psionic powers equal to your psion level.
Psychic Crush – Deal damage equal to 2d10+psion level
Trace Teleport – Learn destination of subject’s teleport.

6th level

Cloud Mind (Mass) – Erase knowledge of your presence from the minds of one creature/level
Create Illusion – Puts one subject under a detailed, full sensory illusion.
Greater Precognition – Gain +4 insight bonus to one roll.
Mind Blank (Personal) – You are immune to scrying and mental effects.
Mind Switch** – You switch minds with another.
Remote View Trap – Deal 6d6 points of damage to those who view you at a distance.
Retrieve – Teleport to your hand an item you can see.

7th level

Fate of One – Reroll any roll you just failed.
Crisis of Life – Stop subject’s heart.
Decerberate – Kill one low-level creature.
Mind Blank (Subject) Subject is immune to scrying and mental effects.
Suspend Life Put yourself in a state akin to suspended animation.
Timeless Body – Ignore all harmful and helpful effects for 1 round.
True Seeing – See through illusions.

8th level

Astral Projection – Project your consciousness through space.
Insanity – Subject is permanently confused.
Mind Seed – Consume a target with an idea
True Metabolism – Regenerate 10 HP/round for rounds equal to 1d10+wis
Suppression – Suppress another’s psionic powers.
Suspend Life (Subject) Put subject in a state akin to suspended animation.
True Pain – Deal 10d6 damage to a single target.

9th level

Affinity Field – Effects that effect you also effect others.
Legendary Mind – Regenerate 10 MP/round for rounds equal to 1d10+wis
Psychic Surgery – You repair psychic damage or impart knowledge of new powers.
Reality Revision – Places subjects equal to psion level under a detailed, full-sensory illusion.
Timeless Mind – Ignore all harmful effects for a short time.
True Pain (Mass) – Deal 10d6 damage to targets equal to your psion level.


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