Rise of Dalu'Kan

Day 1

The party woke up and talked about the dream from the night before. They went down to breakfast. The innkeeper told them about a special today that was on the house, a plate of fish and eggs for free. They jumped on this shit and noticed the fish looked kinda weird, like if salmon and steak had a baby. Owl stole Khalid’s and ate it under the table, leaving him with eggs. Seline ate her’s, and Owl returned with a small white worm, like a wriggly plant root, saying it was inside the fish. Seline shrugs it off and Khalid panics a bit because parasites. Khalid tries to warn the innkeeper to no avail.
From here, Seline goes to the house from the dream. She flirts with a guard and charms another in order to get in. All the way at the back of the slums, she breaks in through the window. After rummaging around a bit, she finds a tiny silver key hidden away and a small trapdoor in the center of the room. She opens the trapdoor to find a tiny silver chest that unlocks with the key she just found. Inside is a small, blue-black glittering stone just like in the dream, except it is not beating like a heart. She then slips away just as Varik walks past her and enters the house like he lives there.
Khalid went to buy a new sword and found a great crowd of people around a small shop. Upon investigating, he saw a man giving out raw versions of the fish they got at the inn. People are taking basketfuls and taking them back to their families. Khalid waits in line himself and overhears two pirates talking. They say how the man is giving away mermaid meat, and how it tends to give you parasites (and also how that’s pretty fucked up). Upon hearing this, he asks Owl to go spy on Seline to make sure she’s okay. Khalid gets two mermaid steaks and goes to find Seline.
They bump into each other next to the inn and Khalid informs her of the whole mermaid parasite thing, which she brushes off. She tells him about the stone and where it was, and he brushes that off. They both head to the inn for some dinner, and Seline goes upstairs. She has extreme abdominal pain, coughs up a bit of blood, then passes the fuck out.
Khalid lets her sleep and goes to investigate the parasite. He remembers the pirates talking about it, and goes to the docks to find their ship. He sees one of the pirates standing next to an old ship, and talks to him. After some difficulty, he gets the message across and the pirate tells him about a rare kind of red seaweed that grows on the ocean floor that, when brewed into a tea, can force the parasite out. Khalid asks where he can find it, and the pirate suggests stealing some.
Khalid takes this to heart and sneaks aboard a neighboring merchant ship. He steals some jewels, some glass vials, and some seaweed. On the way out, he fumbled his Move Silently and got caught. He was told to give up what he had stolen or give up his head, and he gave back the seaweed but kept the jewels and the vials. They let him go, and he gives up for the night and heads to the inn for bed.

Day 2
The party wakes again, but this time Seline seems quite angry for no real reason. Khalid ignores this assuming it’s a woman thing, and goes down to breakfast. Seline orders breakfast from the innkeeper, who is significantly less kind than he was the previous morning. They both pay for their breakfast and Khalid runs to a crystal store. Seline finishes her food and follows him at a distance.
Khalid annoys the crap out of the store owner (who also seems quite angry) and leaves with a new gem. Seline is waiting outside the store, and they argue for a moment before he tells her about this seaweed. They go to the apothecary, but the lady there demands more money than they have. Seline gets fed up and puts her to sleep, and Khalid runs and steals some before she wakes up, and they go back to the inn.
Khalid makes the tea and forces Seline to drink it with the help of booze. She immediately feels the butt nausea and spends the rest of the day and night shitting her guts out.
Khalid did a bit of blade shopping with no purchase before heading to bed early.
Khalid finds himself in a misty temperate forest with no clear idea of where he is. However, it does resemble his home. He sees a small mist sprite that leads him through the woods, to a cliffside that he nearly falls off of. The mist clears and he sees his people, the druids, casting themselves off of an adjacent cliff to their deaths. At this, he wakes up.

Day 3
Seline is feeling better. She shat out a huge grub-looking thing, put it in one of his vials, and saved it to show him. They discuss what happened, Seline apologizes (kind of), and they go to breakfast. The innkeeper is downright hostile with them and kicks them out.
There are dark storm clouds outside. The town seems empty at first, but the hear a mob in the slums, which is where everyone in the town is. They investigate separately, as Khalid failed his climb check. Seline goes over the wall to see, and Khalid pushes through the crowd. They see the crowd is around Varik’s store in the slums, and the commander of the guard is pounding on the door, demanding he come out. Seline magicks herself onto the roof and talks through a crack to Varik. Apparently they’re trying to kill him and Collin, who also happens to be in the shop.
Khalid pushes through and finds Mara, who doesn’t seem to be effected by the angry. He finds out what’s happening from her and forms a plan with Seline through the scrying stones. Khalid takes Mara and pushes back through the crowd to the inn while Seline tries and fails to break through the roof.
Khalid and Mara push to the other side and find the pirates running towards their ship with a person over one of their shoulders. They tell them that the people here are all effected by the parasites and they’re evacuating everyone who isn’t infected. They also inform Khalid that the horses are dead, so they can’t use them. Khalid enlists the help of one of the pirates and Mara takes off on her own. At the same time, Khalid notices the Necromancer standing on the wall, watching the scene with a smile on his face.
Finally the mob breaks through the door and drags Varik and Collin into the street, holding them down execution style. Seline jumps off of the roof and attacks the people holding Collin and Varik down. The battle ensues, Seline defending Varik/Collin and Khalid/Roran fighting through the crowd on the other side. The commander pulls a grappling chain and a psionic blade against Seline.
After a few people have been cut down and Khalid discovers that he has a spell that works like Solar Flare, Seline gets captured herself and Varik gets executed (He dead). Suddenly with a great cracking sound, the people begin to convulse like a xenomorph wants out of their body, and big-ass armored mosquito mantises crawl out of their carcasses. Literally the entire town. Seline rolls a successful reflex to save Collin from getting his face sucked off, and gives him to Khalid. Khalid uses a Solar Flare and stuns everyone so he can run away. Before following, Seline takes the grappling chain. The Necromancer finally decides to intervene and trips Khalid with magic, sending him and Collin sprawling. A mosquito mantis nearly gets him, but Seline grabs him and they continue to the ship. As they arrive at the ship, Seline trips and loses Collin, and the Necromancer voips in and takes him, then voips out.
The party makes the decision to save him rather than run, and a short battle with the Necromancer and the mosquito mantis ensues. They successfully save Collin (Solar Flare) and run towards the ship. The mosquito mantises pursue for a short while, then retreat. As they retreat, the party sees Dalu’Kan herself form from the burning clouds, towering above the buildings and surrounded by a swarm of mosquito mantis. She seems to disappear and they sail into the night.

To Catch a Necromancer

The party wakes up and discussed how shit be wack, yo. Gwendolyn is gone before they wake. They went to breakfast and learned that guards were listening in on them. Seline went to the library and charmed the librarian into giving her information on Dalu’Kan, the Dark Prince of Strife, who is involved in the ritual killings. Khalid saw Varik being accosted by guards, but did nothing. Both met up at the church to recruit Mara, but only found Torolf, the other church attendant. They learned about an ongoing class war in the city which involves the high priest.
they went back to the slums and Varik was still being harrassed. Mara was there, glaring disapprovingly at the guards. Seline calmed the guard down with magic and they left. Mara agrees to help them catch a necromancer at nightfall.
Khalid sat in front of the church with Mara to watch for the Necromancer coming out of the mausoleum while Seline watched from the inn rooftop and Owl patrolled over the slums. Khalid was distracted by weed and titties, but Seline saw someone teleport across the street and into the slums. Owl confirmed this and Seline used a spell (Ghost sound) to make the guards run into the orphanage while the party advanced into the mausoleum.

Fought Zambies, fought Atrocity Hands, fought Deadhand.
Acquired Scrying Stones

Deadhand was being used to kill the children. The party killed it before the child (Collin) died, and the necromancer fled. Collin stayed with Mara in the church while Seline and Khalid returned to the inn. Gwendolyn is not there.
A dreamscape occurs in dreamy Aberys. The wings take up the whole square, and there are three children in the well, and a cloaked man leads them to a house at the end of the slums. Inside, the wings are on the floor, centered around a tiny, glittering, blue-black stone that is beating like a tiny heart. Seline touches it and both wake up.

Game End

Gotta Start Somewhere

Seline, Gwendolyn, and Khalid are in the dreamy town square. Seline slips in a blood puddle which is a part of a trail that leads to the orphanage. Khalid sees bloody wings form around the door. As soon as the enter the orphanage, they wake in their actual beds.
Seline is stopped by a boat registry guy who demands money from her. Gwendolyn sees this and tries to help to no avail. Seline puts him to sleep with magic and carries on.
Khalid sneaks off of the ship he was stowing away on and finds the sleeping man on the boardwalk, then takes his money. He then notices Seline and recognizes her from his dream. They meet at the inn and, after some discussion, decide to investigate the orphanage. A naga named Varik is entertaining some children with a tiny wooden marionette. Gwendolyn questions him to no avail. Seline and Khalid question some children at the orphanage. Khalid learns nothing important, and Seline learns of dead people walking around in the graveyard near the church.
They decide to sneak into the graveyard but are stopped by Mara, an attendant at the church, who says this is off limits and warns that the guards won’t be as nice as she is. They decide to come back at night and visit a fortune teller in the meantime. The fortune teller reads Khalid after telling him the future is not made, only told, their job is to find the context.
Khalid’s reading – Death at the church. Why are there so many corpses? Warns against going there.
Seline’s reading – Anger. A crowd of people. Streets paved with blood.
They move on. Khalid buys a pineapple (???) and Gwen looks for a job for some reason.

At nightfall, Gwen takes a nap while Seline and Khalid sneak off. Khalid tries to sneak into the orphanage, but fails and gets thrown out. The only reason he didn’t get thrown in jail was Selene pretending he was her drunk boyfriend and getting the guards to leave. They then go to the graveyard and break into the mausoleum using Khalid’s animal companion, an owl named Owl. They sneak into the lower levels and find a missing boy from the orphanage with his ribs and chest organs removed and nowhere to be found. The blood wings are painted on the ground around him, and an altar is in the room with three dark blow flowers, a five-pointed pentacle, and a small statue of a naga with four arms.
They hear someone enter the mausoleum and hide in the coffins around them. Something arrives and drags the body off. Seline takes a peek and sees a human with long, black hair. He moves deeper into the crypt and locks the door behind him.
Seline tries luring him out with noise to no avail, but peers through the keyhole and finds him staring back at her from the bottom of a staircase. The lids to the coffins then start to open and zombies happen. They run like hell and go back to the inn after being held up by a few guards.
After smoking and going to bed, Seline and Khalid find themselves in dreamy Aberys again, this time following the blood to the church. A table is set up there with five dinner plates. They search around, and find children are sitting at the table when they look back at it, all of the children are staring blankly at them. They find the boy from the mausoleum, and his chest is missing. After looking, they see two more of the five have missing chests. They try conversing with the children, but they remain silent. The children turn to look at their plates, which now have their faces on them. Once interacted with, they whisper “The sky is burning”. Khalid checks, and the sky is burning. The faceless children rise and now have claws, trying to grab them. They bolt and wake up.


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